Where can I hold my Seattle Casino Party?

Conventional Locations

In Seattle, casino parties can be held at hotel ballrooms, country clubs, and party centers. They offer large, well-lit spaces, ample parking for your guests, and food and beverage services.

Unconventional Locations

Try a local museum (a Stone-Age casino surrounded by dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History is a favorite). How about a Sports facility? (The Terrace Club at Safeco Field or maybe Qwest Field). Perhaps your own office building or warehouse? These types of facilities may offer a bit more of a challenge for catering and such, but the unusual venues can be well worth the effort.

Budget Conscious?

Often your local church, fraternal organization or municipality has a hall you can rent. Even your own home can play host to a Seattle Casino Party.

How much space do I need?

Our party-planners will work with you to determine exactly how much space will be required for the casino. It is all relative to the types of tables and the space you have to work with. Some spaces require some ingenuity and that’s where our professional party planners come in. They are prepared to walk you through all of the creative elements necessary for a successful event.

Are there any special requirements?

We’re pretty flexible when it comes to locations, and our equipment doesn’t require any special environments, but here are a couple of things to consider:

Space requirements

While most of our card game tables can fit almost anywhere, some of the bigger games (Craps, Roulette, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat) may require special placement. In most halls, this is not a problem, but let’s face it…that 10-foot craps table is probably not going to fit in your den! Our party planners will work with you to make sure your available space is adequate for the equipment you plan to have.

Electrical requirements

Our table games do not require electrical power. Some of our specialty equipment, such as Triple Crown Racing, Keno and Bingo, require access to one or more 110V outlets. Of course, DJ′s and Bands have their own electrical requirements. If you have purchased additional entertainment or décor as part of your casino event, our event planners will contact you with specific power requirements.